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Eoltec Wind Turbine
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Eoltec Wind Turbine

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The two bladed machine comes with its own self supporting tower (12m) and can be connected in two ways:- 1. Grid-Tie - (connected into the mains supply/national grid). 2. Battery system - (charges a battery bank) for remote/'off-grid' locations. The Eoltec stands on a 12 meter self supporting tower, has two blades and is an 'up-wind' machine. With an up-wind machine the blades are the first to hit the wind and the tower is second. The advantage of this type of system is that the blades catch clean wind for maximum output. The disadvantage in this case is that there needs to be a tail to steer the turbine into wind. Erected using a winch and pole, this turbine is simple to install and service. There is an electrical isolator switch at the base of the tower (behind the tower door) for easy isolation. The break handle is also at the base of the tower. The break is a sophisticated pitching mechanism that rotates the blades, in turn causing them to stall.
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