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Nautilus Water Turbine
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This turbine is a Nautilus. Designed and built in America, the turbine in this picture is installed in the North of England and produces around 2.5kW. As can be seen in the picture, the pipe enters from the left and goes through a gate valve (large tap) before entering the turbine. The water...
Group: Water-wheels
Pelton Hydroelectricity Producing Water Turbine
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This Pelton Turbine is working off 100 feet of head and has two valves/nozzles. Both are controlled using motorised spear valves. As the river dries up in the summer months the valves wind in to maintain power production in varying water conditions. This turbine produces 5.5kW and connects directly...
Group: Hydraulic generators
Eoltec Wind Turbine
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The two bladed machine comes with its own self supporting tower (12m) and can be connected in two ways:- 1. Grid-Tie - (connected into the mains supply/national grid). 2. Battery system - (charges a battery bank) for remote/'off-grid' locations. The Eoltec stands on a 12 meter self supporting...
Group: Carminatives


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