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Nautilus Water Turbine
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Nautilus Water Turbine

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This turbine is a Nautilus. Designed and built in America, the turbine in this picture is installed in the North of England and produces around 2.5kW. As can be seen in the picture, the pipe enters from the left and goes through a gate valve (large tap) before entering the turbine. The water falls down the vertical draft tube beneath the turbine, which causes a vacuum turning the impeller + generator (mounted on top coloured blue). This type of turbine will consume around 70 l/s of water and runs on a head of between 2m to 9m These turbines are ideally suited for low head schemes (water mills etc). It can run in parallel with an old water wheel to supply power back to the mill house. The turbine in the picture produces around 2.5kW of power, enough to power around five houses (excluding heating).
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